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The jewelry design 'Nauratana' is a registered design patent by a partner of INDIARA OHG. 'Nauratana' is looking for a jewellery manufacturing partner in India - in a bundle with the INDIARA trademarks and the domain bundle indiara. Please click here (WebShop) or here (YouTube) to learn more about the design. Also take a look at our Facebook page, our Demo-Webshop, our new Facebook fan page, our Bollywood movie project, our Google+ site, our Ebay store and our Tweets on Twitter to get an impression of the widespread potential INDIARA jewellery has.


Why Nauratana?

The Indian view encompasses the Universe and is deeply rooted in nature, in minerals, rocks plants, mountains and rivers - all these, and the stars, influence human realities. Noble metals and precious stones have deep significance to life, specifically in jewellery. Not do they have a quasi-divine character, each being represented by a divinity of the Hindu Pantheon (e.g. Agni the diamond, Vishnu the sapphire, Indra the ruby), but they also possess prophylactic and even medicinal properties (crushed pearls are taken, for instance as an aphrodisiac).

The wearing of certain jewels also signifies various Samskara or stages in the life of the individual. Jewels and precious stones are an integral part of religion and ritual (as in temple jewellery where the idol is dressed according to season, festival, day or night) extending well beyond their purely aesthetic function. Gold and silver are associated with the holy rivers, the Ganges and the Jamuna.



Precious stones represent the nine planets of the Hindu Navagraha:

  • The Sun by the ruby (La'l, see also: Indra)
  • Venus, the brightest star in the sky, by the diamond (Vajra)
  • Saturn by the sapphire (Indranila)
  • Ketu by the cat's eye (Vaidhuriya)
  • Mars by coral (Munga)
  • Mercury by the emerald (Kara katam)
  • the Moon by the pearl (Mauktikam)
  • Rahu by the hyacinth (hessonite, kind of garnet (grossular) or Gomedak, Gomedh) and
  • Jupiter by the topaz (Pushparaga).

These stones are worn individually or all together in a jewel, called the nauratana (the nine precious stones, ratna) to negate danger or to attract beneficial influences.

Metals and stones are not only associated with planets but also with one's inner life and are used in ayurveda, the Indian medical system. The nine ratna and other precious stones also have prophylaetic properties: jade, for instance, is worn in a jewel called the holdili, as a protection against heart disease.

The craftsmen themselves worship metals and precious stones as well as their tools at an annual festival and before commencing their daily work.







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